About the System

The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants developed the Mapping System of  Refugee Integration Activities to encourage the creation of a supportive environment under the Advocacy for Refugee Integration in Bulgaria Project, funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, with additional financial support from the European Union.

The Mapping System is a logical supplement to the www.refugee-integration.bg platform and is aimed at the municipalities and all other stakeholders involved in the integration process of persons with refugee or humanitarian status.

The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants provides through the Mapping System detailed information on existing activities, projects and programs for the integration of beneficiaries of international protection, as well as information on their access to rights on the territory of Bulgaria. The information is provided by institutions and NGOs engaged in integration activities, or collected from publicly available sources.

The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants maintains these information resources to enhance professional and public access to information about the integration of beneficiaries of international protection in Bulgaria. The System provides information on integration opportunities throughout the country.

This Mapping System is for informational purposes only. The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants aims to keep timely and accurate information, and does not bear or assume any responsibility in terms of comprehensiveness, accuracy or most up-to-date database.

The information provided by the System is adapted and systematized according to the integration indicators implemented within the framework of the European project: “National Integration Evaluation Mechanism: Measuring and improving Integration of beneficiaries of international protection”, where the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and the Multi Kulti Collective Association are national partners.

The Mapping System is an innovative information resource for the creation and maintenance of a supportive environment for the integration of refugees in Bulgaria.